WAEC – Biology – 1988

Challengemoi - WAEC Biology 1989

This quiz consist of over 50 WAEC Biology past questions and answers. The answers are well explained with scriptural references. Retake the quiz as many times as you feel the need. Success!



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#1 Euglena moves by the

Answer: whipping action of its flagellum

#2 In unicellular organisms, essential nutrients can be transported directly to all parts of their body by the process of diffusion only because unicellular organisms have 

Answer: a large surface area of volume ratio

#3 Which  of the following is not present in the nucleus of a cell?

Answer: Mitochondrion

#4 The network of double membrane that helps to convey materials through the cytoplasm is the 

Answer: endoplasmic reticulum

#5 In aerobic respiration, oxidative phosphorylation takes place in the 

Answer: mitochondria

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